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About the Region

Cambria County is located in Southwestern Pennsylvania and was created on March 26th, 1804. The largest city in Cambria County is Johnstown, home of the famous Inclined Plane. Johnstown was settled in 1770. The city is infamous for the three major floods which ravaged the city between 1889 and 1977. Johnstown was formally organized as a town in 1800 by the Swiss German immigrant Joseph Johns.

By the late 1800s, Johnstown was well known for its production of iron, coal and steel. In May of 1889, however, the city suffered a horrific disaster when the South Fork Dam collapsed, sending a deluge of water into Johnstown, leveling the city in minutes.

Johnstown rebuilt and prospered with the steel mills supporting many families in the county. Today there has been a shift in Cambria County, with Johnstown becoming a technology hub making it attractive to business owners for the low cost of living.

Cambria County is home to several medical, manufacturing, educational and cultural organizations. Healthcare providers and several defense contractors continue to be major employers in the City of Johnstown.

Johnstown and the surrounding region is home to several universities and community colleges, as well as newly-formed arts and cultural organizations.