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Ebensburg, PA 15931

Cambria County

Cambria County is rich in tradition and has developed a work force known for its high precision, dependability, strong work ethic and strength.

Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, coal mining and iron and steel production were the keystone of Cambria County's economic base. Over time, like most of the northeast and United States, the manufacturing base was slowly replaced by service, service-related and high-tech businesses.

The city of Johnstown is the largest community in the county. Devastated by three major floods in 1889, 1936 and 1977, Johnstown, as well as Cambria County, gave rise to a legend 'the hard way'. But through the indomitable spirit of the population who rebounded from tragedy time and time again, the city was rebuilt which created an even brighter future for the area residents, its businesses and industries.