650 Industrial Park Road
Ebensburg, PA 15931

About Us

Cambria County Industrial Development Corporation is an economic development agency serving Cambria County businesses.

The Cambria County Industrial Development Corporation (CCIDC), the Cambria County Industrial Development Authority (CCIDA), and the Cambria County General Financing Authority (CCGFA) have been promoting business development for more than 30 years. Whether you’re building, relocating to a new facility or expanding an existing one, they are ready to help!

When laying the ground work and establishing your business in the area, the organizations will ensure both quality and guidance along the way for small businesses and large corporations in their ongoing effort to better serve the residents and businesses for the overall prosperity of the region.

The organizations specialize in securing loans, developmental packages and partnerships to assist in all of your business needs.


CCIDC is a corporate developer of Industrial Parks and a provider of services to businesses.


CCIDA is a financial assistance organization, providing access to state programs.


CCGFA is a financial assistance organization formerly known as the Cambria County Hospital Development Authority.